Tuesday, July 30, 2013


{playing ball with Guiri when she was still a baby}
Way back in March I wrote about a little tip for happiness that makes a big difference: ending each night by stating what you're grateful for. Flavio and I still do this and it is powerful! I truly think it helps me be a better, more positive person as I spend my days looking for little bits of joy to report for our nighttime pillowtalk, and I know he does, too. Today has been somewhat frustrating and even a little sad, so I thought it might be a worthy exercise to make a list of ten everyday moments that make me smile. Not little moments of gratitude for today (still looking for those), but the simple moments that pop up every now and again and feel special, almost magical. I'm not sure what to call these moments, so I'll just call them noted.

1. When I unexpectedly find money in my pocket.
2. When it's raining and I have nowhere to be.
3. When I catch Flavio smiling at me for no reason.
4. When I hear Simon & Garfunkel's 'Bookends'.
5. When drivers give me a thank-you wave for letting them pass.
6. When I am up early, quietly baking in our kitchen.
7. When we're at the movie theatre and the lights first dim.
8. When I'm hungry and suddenly remember we have Thai/Chinese/Indian leftovers in the fridge.
9. When my students make a connection between the text and the real world.
10. When our flight takes off.

What special little moments have you noted?

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