Sunday, July 28, 2013


Except for a trip out with friends on Saturday night, we were mostly homebound this weekend. We both worked all day Saturday and I knocked out a bunch of prep and grading, which means this coming work week should be smooth sailing.  That night we met friends at Heights Tavern (now our go-to neighborhood bar - love that place!) for dinner, libations and some great discussion around the Tavern's fire pit. The four of us spent much of the night tipsily debating whether or not to have kids and on the walk home, Flavio and I declared we are leaning more in the direction of to have, than not to (!). Not immediately, but.. Scary. Anyway, a fun night and a delightful end to a long day.

Sunday morning we took Guiri to the park and then came back for warm muffins and coffee and an all-morning movie marathon. We re-watched Drive, which is amazing, and were enamored by the classic landmark Italian film The Bicycle Thief, streaming on Netflix. Flavio's teenage nephew is in town, so they went to play soccer while I spent the afternoon getting our house ready for the week and listening to music (loving this Calexico album). This evening we made salsa verde to add to some tasty shrimp tacos for dinner. It was a quiet fiesta.
{anniversary flowers, slightly wilted but still going strong}
{muffin prep}
{salsa prep}
{taco fixins}
{she loves to watch us wash the dishes}

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