Sunday, July 7, 2013


We crammed a lot of work and play into the last four days. After a patriotic breakfast at home on The Fourth, we lounged, then made a vat of our sangria, and headed to a friend's for a backyard barbecue. After too much drinking in the sun (my scalp got burned, dammit!) we were too partied out and dehydrated to even care about staying up for fireworks (I never care, anyway) and we were home and in bed by 10.
{lounging, 4th of July}
{sangria, soaking}
We both worked on Friday (I only have one month left of summer classes!) and Friday evening we enjoyed cocktails poolside at our friends' amazing house. After my boo-hooing on here about not having couple-friends, we all of a sudden met three great couples we love. Maybe there's some truth to the idea that sending requests and specific energy into the universe (or in this case, cyber space) actually does bring you what you want. We met this couple at CrossFit and had an absolutely lovely time at their home. We got into a great midnight, tipsy-in-the-jacuzzi conversation about isolation among peers and how most people 50 and under don't really want to converse or interact. Instead, we're so distracted by technology that we retreat into "iDistraction" to avoid any true human connection, leaving us diminished and alone. I was referencing this New York Times essay, which I think everyone should read. Our friends have this fascinating sociological theory that the recent trend in stark, warehouse, garage-chic, so-loud-you-can't-speak bars and restaurants (think Bar Basic, Blind Lady Ale House in San Diego) are another way people can be out in a "social" setting, crammed together in a public place, but don't have to interact at all. The music is so loud and the acoustics so bad that you truly cannot speak to the person next to you. And most people are busy looking at their phones, anyway. It's all so isolating and strange. What is the world coming to? Anyway, it was a great night full of meaningful interaction and re-affirmed my hope that there are still smart, cool friends to be found.
{hydrangea, kept me company as I worked Friday}
You'll be thrilled to know that much of Saturday was spent cleaning and running errands. Saturday evening we took Guiri to the park. Then she hung out while we enjoyed a light dinner al fresco at Cafe 21 (I highly recommend this farm-to-table restaurant, friends).
{having a ball}
{seafood salad, Cafe 21}
Sunday morning we all slept in and then walked down the street for brunch. Later in the day we packed a picnic and headed to Del Mar for some reading, play and relaxation by the sea. It was a fun and restorative day, even if it was bathed in northern San Diego's warm, grey marine layer. We were home in time for our evening walk and the inland sunset.
{bloody mary, Heights Tavern}
{surfers, Del Mar}
{red fence, yellow house}
{inland sunset}

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