Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A weird night...and my favorite Egg-BLT!

{over easy and delicious}
So last night, in an effort to leave my comfort zone and try something new, I went to a writers' workshop. I was hoping to freewrite, share my work and get some constructive feedback on how I might become a better writer. The theme of the night was "selling out" and to my disappointment, the majority of the evening was a vocal brainstorming session (read: a support group) on the reasons people continue to slave away at jobs they hate.  It seems a lot of people are really unhappy at their mind-numbing and/or stressful jobs. Why? Most of them said they want the security. I don't know. Security over happiness? I've been there. Life is too short. Security is an illusion. Do what you love. Anyway, it was depressing. And then just 20 minutes of writing at the end, sharing, and no feedback. It was sort of a waste of time. The highlight? Hanging with my friend at the workshop and then coming home to my husband who'd received a bunch of versions of this text: HELP. When I walked through the door, Flavio delighted me with wine and one of my old favorites: egg and roast bacon on sourdough with lemon-dill mayonnaise, tomatoes and spinach. Heaven. The E-BLT, and some uplifting dinner conversation, totally made up for my weird night.

PS: Did you ever read this Onion article? One woman mentioned relating to it at the support group workshop. It's hilarious. And sad. Do most people hate their jobs?

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