Sunday, July 14, 2013


It was a luxuriously unscheduled weekend. Saturday morning Flavio got up early to play soccer and I made coffee and brownies then hung out with my brother and nephew before taking them to the airport.  I love, love weekend mornings baking alone in our sunny kitchen. Peace. Saturday afternoon we took our lady to the park and then picked up lunch at bfd (ridiculously good sandwiches) then went home to nap. That evening we put on music and set up a picnic on our porch. Cold rose, warm weather and the summer evening light. And an impromptu card game. Basically perfect.

Sunday morning we made breakfast then headed to Coronado to stroll and play. We picked up In-N-Out in the afternoon, read our books outside, and then cruised out to see the gorgeous sunset in Ocean Beach.

Everything about this weekend was relaxed and easy with sunny days and warm breezes. It felt quintessentially Californian.

A few scenes, some of which try to capture the evening light, which I love this time of year...

{enjoying the sunset as we drove away. she cracks me up.}

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