Saturday, July 13, 2013

Brownies for Alaska...& a song!

My brother and nephew breezed through town today. They were here on a pit stop en route to an Alaskan adventure. I am so stoked for them and can't wait to see photos of glaciers and grizzlies galore! In their honor, I made these brownies to-go. I baked and packed them, then delivered the brownies, along with two excited travelers, to the San Diego Airport. Flavio and I kept two squares for ourselves and topped them with ice cream and berries. Thank god the rest of these babies are on their way out of town. Irresistible hunks of chewy, fudgey heaven are not the kind of thing I want to be left alone with.

Alaska or bust.

PS: Totally not related, but my alarm went off to this song this morning, and left me in the best mood. Brownies and Robin Thicke are not a bad way to wake up. Yum to both. ;)

Some notes on brownie-making: Homemade really is better than the box (if you use the right recipe), are just as easy and don't have any of the scary artificial ingredients. I made these and they are the archetypal brownie, decadent and rich with a crackly candylike crust. I sprinkle a little sea salt on top mid-way through baking. It makes all the sweetness sing.

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