Thursday, March 14, 2013


My parents have a ton of couple-friends, many of whom they've known their whole lives, so lately Flavio and I've been asking ourselves: Why we don't have more couple-friends? We have great friends, but most of them are either single, or are busy being parents, or are in a relationship but currently live in another state or country. My best friends and their significant others don't live here and all of our college/grad school couple-friends have moved out of expensive San Diego. So, here we are.

Couple-friends are good for the marriage, so in all my nerdery, I searched the interwebs for clues on how to find these elusive C-Fs.  I stumbled upon this fascinating  NY Times article about the difficulty in making friends as an adult.  It's a good read and makes me feel less lame. As the article states, finding the right couple-friend “is like matchmaking for two," as all four people need to like each other.  I have repeatedly tried to set up our mutual single friends with the excitement of, We love both of you! And we hope you love each other!, but no matches yet. The search continues. 

PS - A dog really helps you meet other adults. We've met many nice people at the dog park, dog beach, etc. and see them on a regular basis. But again, they're either single, or the chemistry for deep friendship beyond our dogs isn't there. Sigh.

PPS - Seinfeld on Making Friends in Your 30s. Ha! :)

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