Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekending, lately.

Early March is a funny time of year in San Diego. It's an in-between, fickle time weather-wise; definitely not winter but not quite spring. Cloudy and cold Saturday, but sunny and warm today. We've dusted off our barbecue and despite my grumbling about daylight savings, the longer days will allow for post-work trips to dog beach and cocktails on our porch. Springtime is on its way.

This past weekend was a good one. Wine, roaring fire, and our new TV obsession House of Cards at home on chilly Friday. Date Night at the Wine Vault Saturday. Our first-ever game of team ultimate frisbee in Balboa Park, baking cupcakes, and delicious dinner at my mother-in-law's Sunday. 'Twas indeed hard to face Monday after such fun.

Some Feb/March weekending pics.

{Guiri, Coronado}
{Sunday Funday, Kensington}
{hot barbecue, hot husband}
{sheep herding lessons}
{Obamaritas, yum!}
{Dog training/play dates.  How cute is this Corgi?!}

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