Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekending, St. Paddy's!

{Someone call the paddy wagon! Wine Vault}
{Drinks, El Take It Easy}
{Me pot o' gold, dog beach}
{Corned beef & cabbage dinner}
{Signs of spring, dog beach}

{Green apple, orange glaze Irish tart}
Lots of celebratory eating and drinking this weekend, and I loved every minute. Friday night we fiesta'd for our first date anniversary with drinkies and din at El Take It Easy, and ran into one of my former students while boozing. Woops. Tipsy run-ins with students are awkward..but fun.

Saturday we took Guiri to Fiesta Island's dog beach so we could all run free. I love starting Saturdays there, moseying along the trails as the kayakers and crew teams float by. Dog beach makes me feel like I'm on vacation and reminds me why I never want to leave sunny San Diego.

Saturday night we went back to the Wine Vault. They did an impressive beer tasting paired with a 10-course St. Paddy's menu and the tastings (and extra carafes) left us feeling very festive. We joked we needed to be picked up by the paddy wagon. It was a great night.

Sunday we blasted the Dropkick Murphys and Mumford & Sons while cooking corned beef and braised Cabbage and I made this apple tart. We spent the afternoon watching two Eire-themed movies, The Departed and Good Will Hunting, and then enjoyed a delicious dinner with plenty o' blarney.

Now: Sunday night blues; I'm not ready for another work week. Thank god Spring Break is right around the corner. Seriously, Cheers! to that.

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