Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lentils for Fasting

We're 22 days into our Lenten financial fast and one thing I've learned: Living frugally can mean eating richly. Not all-you-can eat-lobster eating richly, but the kind of meals that when prepared with love, taste comforting and rich, even when the ingredients are as humble as..well, lentils.

For our financial fast, lentils really fit the bill. They're cheap, quick to make, and perfect for meatless Fridays. And they're so versatile! Red, brown, green, French, -- as long as they're in bulk, we don't discriminate. Flavio just wings their preparation: He'll throw some miripoix or leafy greens in the pot with a good stock and see what happens. Experimentation is not my strong suit: I love the structure of a good recipe. And of all the recipes we've tried, we agree - this Coconut Red-Lentil Curry recipe is the holy grail of Lenten lentil recipes thus far. We served it with some garlic naan from Trader Joe's and a nice white wine, and yum...

Can I get an Amen?

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