Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Half-Birthday Wishes

Do you celebrate your half-birthday? I do. It's the less-pressure, just-for-you birthday where there's no getting stressed or birthday-shy. Yes, we're on our financial fast, but I'm fantasizing about one day shopping again. What better excuse than my half-birthday? Well, a girl can dream..

I always treat myself for my half-birthday (May 18), but usually with something small like a mani/pedi or a special treat from Anthro. If I win the lottery, here are a few other things I'd buy right now.

Currently coveting:

A cozy spring cardi that adds a pop of color
A yellow KitchenAid - my stand mixer broke last week! Nooooo.
Lionel Richie tea mug - to remind me to up my green tea intake
Obsessed with this flip clock for the kitchen
A spring-y Anthro dress
These Parisian wedges


  1. Belated Happy Half Birthday. I hope it was a good one.

  2. Thanks! Not till May, though. :) Just dreaming about it now..

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