Sunday, March 3, 2013


{Johnny Cash's To-Do List - via}
I love lists. And my love of lists has already been well documented on my newborn blog, like here, and here, and even my first post. Lists help me organize, take stock, ready myself for the week, or just write questions that require no answers. 

I am not alone in my love for lists. Have you seen this site, Lists of Note? How amazing is Johnny Cash's list above? Love it.

It's Sunday evening and my husband and dog are engrossed in a Bruce Li movie. I've poured some wine, I have the soulful lushness of Jeff Buckley on Pandora, and I'm in a list-making mood. Away we go.

15 of My Favorite Ordinary Yet Remarkable Things:

Fresh ricotta
Clean sheets
Poached eggs
Dried apricots
Listening to Guiri's breath as she sleeps
Bare feet on warm San Diego pavement
Cool breezes from an open window as you sleep
Kissing my husband after he's been eating ice cream

Just the very act of making this list means these things will no longer go unnoticed. At least by me. :)

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