Sunday, April 7, 2013


Just because Flavio and I are married doesn't mean we can't date other people. We both dated other people this weekend. Okay, just kidding. We went out with new couple-friends! Ask for couple-friends, and you shall receive. 

On Friday, our first date was to a craft beer fest. It was a group outing with a few singles and some couples and everyone made fun of me for dressing like I was going to the Arctic. I had the last laugh - the festival was mostly outside and it was freezing. After many a tasting, we were all too sloshed to notice the cold. A hilarious and enjoyable night.

{beer tasting}
Dogs don't care how much you've had to drink the night before, and at 6am on Saturday we were met with this face:
{Guiri ready to play}
Saturday morning I joined our new neighbor friends on an outing to dog beach. We recently met these neighbors walking Guiri by their house. They are a fun couple and I appreciate that they invite us to drink in their backyard while our dogs play.

Saturday night we went on our second date, also a blast. These nice friends have an Australian shepherd, too and we know them through a mutual friend. We all met up at the dog park and went for dinner and drinks after with the pooches in tow. A totally delightful evening with our new friends. :)
{Guiri and Oslo out to dinner. Photo by Erin.}
Sunday we relaxed with brunch, movies and had happy hour at home. I made these ginger sparklers. Yum.
{Sunday. Ginger bubbles.}
We feel lucky to have met some great new people recently. A fun weekend indeed.

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