Friday, April 26, 2013

The Magic Minute

TGIF. I've been waiting for this Friday for so long! As of yesterday, I am finally free of my morning class at the navy base which was making me batty. And while I still have final grades to calculate, reports to do, and afternoon classes to teach, I won't be the stressball I've been since January. I celebrated my freedom last night with my ladies and one too many drinks, and I'm sorta suffering this morning. Totally worth it.

Here are some flowers for Friday. Every evening at dusk, our house fills with gorgeous golden spring light. The flowers on our table light up and our home is cast in the most amazing vernal glow. It is only this way for one elusive, ephemeral but magic minute, and then everything turns bluish and chilly. I tried to capture the moment last night with this pic of our sun-kissed snapdragons. It's a fuzzy cellphone photo, and doesn't do it justice, but makes me feel glowy nonetheless.

Happy spring weekend.

PS. This is an accurate account of last night's Girls' Night Out.

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