Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Poet Tweet

It's a cloudy morning, I have cozy cup of coffee in hand, Guiri is snuggled in bed with me, we're listening to Ray LaMontagne. I've spent the last hour trolling the interwebs for gossip, blog posts, Facebook updates and news (in that order). In my trolling, I found a little gem I'd like to share. 

I don't have a Twitter account - mainly because I can't understand #why #people #hashtag #every #thought #that #crosses #their #mind. It makes me #crazy - so I am slightly averse to Twitter, but I am not averse to these Twitter verses. This artist embroiders handkerchiefs with "poetry" she finds on Twitter. Below are some of her embroidered hankies. Some of the tweets are deep, some are hilarious, but all are 140 characters or less. :)

You can find more of her work here.

PS. Even though I'm not on Twitter, I like to check in on this page: The philosophy of Kierkegaard juxtaposed with always-wise tweets of Kim Kardashian - Kim Kierkegaardashian. Hilarious.

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