Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Party of One

When Flavio's out of town for work, I transform into Single Sarah. I'm left to my own devices and my habits change immediately and drastically, especially my eating habits. When he's gone, I often find myself having "breakfast for dinner" - maybe french toast, or perhaps a bowl of cereal while standing in the kitchen. But most times I just have dessert and wine. Or popcorn, and dessert, and a cocktail...woops. He's out of town for work, and we're Paleo dieting, so I had to make a legit dinner. I settled on a big salad, a nice glass of wine and a good book (I'm finally reading Kitchen Confidential). I felt so grown up.

Related: This book has been on my radar for years. It features essays by famous folks describing what they eat when they're eating alone.  Nora Ephron, Amanda Hesser and others share the "secret meals they relish when no one else is looking." I am so tempted to order it right now. Apparently, the closing sentiment of the book reads, "Eating alone is special time. You should do it up right and pay some attention to YOU! Set the table with china and cloth. Treat yourself!" Just the encouragement I needed. Tomorrow, fancy dinner for one.

I'm also dying to read Julia Child's My Life in France. I hear it's really good. Clearly, I'm in a major foodie book phase.

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