Monday, April 22, 2013

Secret Dream Job

Baking is my happy place, and as I mentioned on Easter, being a baker is one of my many secret dream jobs. It's not even eating the baked treats that I love most (although that's fun), it's the act of creating something delicious for others and watching them enjoy it that makes my heart sing. Please indulge me as I tell you about my secret dream bakery. I've put some thought into this. Okay, a lot of thought.

My bakery, a charming patisserie, is stocked with a colorful array of funky vintage cake stands, each stacked high with sweet smelling cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, brownies, muffins and scones. All of our coffee/espresso is imported from Spain. We're known all around San Diego as the only place to get good European coffee, which we always serve in a pretty vintage demitasse. The floors are wooden, the walls are soft pastels, and there are vintage chandeliers, fresh flowers and lots of sunshine and happy music in this cheery spot. The walls are covered with black and white photos of me with famous people who've ordered my goodies and subsequently presented me with signed, framed thank yous. Oprah writes, "Sarah, I will never lose weight thanks to your cupcakes! Love, O." Those of you who want to enjoy a treat in my bakery are welcome to do so on our comfy Anthropologie couches or cozy little tables by the window. Our in-house specialty is strawberry shortcake and all in-house treats are served on vintage dessert plates. Those taking goodies to-go will find their yums carefully wrapped in pretty boxes lovingly tied with colorful baker's twine. These are all the special details that make my patisserie stand apart from the competition, don't you agree? Who's ready to invest?

Pics above, clockwise from top left:
Laduree Patisserie, France -- my all-time favorite bakery and chocolatier
Love the soft pink look of the Peggy Porschen bakery in London. I have to visit!
Chandelier photo from Back in the Day Bakery, Savannah, GA. Also want to visit!
Pretty colored twine on Etsy
Vintage demitasses and cake stands, Google Images
My strawberry shortcake

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