Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekending, Easter.

{Flavio and Silvia, Easter brunch 2013}
{Guiri, Coronado}
{Running errands. Dog is my co-pilot}
{Special Easter chewy}
When I uploaded these photos, I realized 3 out of 4 are pictures of my dog. I felt a little lame. Does anyone (besides me) care about another pic of my dog bounding down the beach? Why didn't I take better photos this weekend? And then I realized these photos are a sign of a fantastically restful three days. I have been mentally wound up and stressed this semester, so a quiet weekend of running mindless errands, baking, time outside in gorgeous spring weather, sushi, lounging in front of the TV, and a lovely Easter brunch with my mother-in-law was just what I needed. The weekend may not have produced the most exciting pics, but it did me some good.

It's Monday afternoon and I am giddy to be Off. This. Whole. Week. (!!!) On the Spring Break Itinerary: Hiking, reading, spring cleaning, Paleo cooking, a couple happy hours, beach with Guiri, Indian food with friends, oh..and Crossfit. I started this morning. It was tough, but good. More soon...  xo

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