Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vacation Anticipation

{Big Sur, 2012}
I'm the official trip planner in our house, and Flavio always says he's "just along for the ride." I love to research the destination, book the flights, read hotel reviews, and find out where the locals eat. Planning gets me really excited for the trip, and I often research and book trips months in advance just to have something to look forward to. In anticipation, I like to make a google doc of our flexible itinerary and an excel spreadsheet of things to pack. Flavio used to think my hyper-planning was totally crazy, but now he knows how fun and efficient travel is when you're prepared. Or, maybe he just lets me be crazy. ;)

Next month, we're headed to the Grand Canyon! Interestingly, according to this New York Times post, researchers discovered that much of vacation happiness doesn't come from the actual trip. Instead, it comes from "vacation anticipation", the planning euphoria that generally begins 8 weeks before. I believe it. I'm excited to hike, cook outdoors, cuddle under the stars, and spend some quiet time in a beautiful place - just the three of us. 

Flavio and I have been doing annual camping trips for years. Last year we went to Big Sur. It was jawdroppingly beautiful, and so fun to have Guiri along for the first time.

Counting the days...

{Hiking. They picked me a flower.}
{Yellow flowers are my fave.}
{She snuggled on the center console for the loooong road trip.}
{Big Sur is unreal.}

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