Sunday, August 4, 2013


Our ladydog has an infected hot spot on her head and is reluctantly wearing the cone of shame, so we spent much of the weekend hanging out with her. She hasn't quite figured out her coordination with the new appendage, and keeps banging into walls and doorways, making us crack up. Poor girl.
{yep, her expression says it all}
Friday evening we took a long walk around our 'hood and came home to a pretty twilight sky as the three of us snuggled on the couch to re-watch Into the Wild. We saw it when it was first released (7 years ago) and we both agree the messages are different and more powerful this time around. Such a great movie.
{evening walk, evening light}
{twilight sky}
Flav worked Saturday, and I spent the day doing final grades (I am home free on Tuesday, people!!!), and cleaning. It was strangely cool that evening, so we went for pho at our favorite place
{yellow flowers, guest room}
We woke up early this morning, made breakfast, and went for a hike up Cowles' Mountain. Guiri was stoked as she got to hike sans cone, met some dog-friends and human characters along the way, and enjoyed treats at the top. Human characters included a man who in all earnestness asked how we "painted Guiri's spots on/what dye did we use"...?; and two adorable little black boys who said she was "a beautiful African-American dog." :) Mountain top + Sunday morning + my little family = pretty great.
Flavio made some truly excellent burgers for dinner, and the rest of this evening has been dedicated to watching Breaking Bad while rubbing our fur child's belly. She is one pampered pooch.  

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