Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Solo Matinee

My classes ended today and I am officially on summer vacation! Flavio will be working for most of my time off, so I've been dreaming up girly activities I can do during the day, like a mani/pedi, beach days with Guiri, drinks with friends, etc.  I'm also thinking of doing something I've never done before: going to a movie alone. Have you ever? My brother sees movies by himself all the time, and I imagine there's something fun and liberating about sneaking in your favorite treat, sitting wherever you want, enjoying the film by yourself, then driving home alone to mull it over, without the pressure of wondering if your friend liked it, or having to hear any other reviews. It seems strangely scary, but also empowering - in a guily pleasure sort of way. At least if you go alone, you know you'll be in good company. ;)

I'd like to see Woody Allen's new dramatic comedy Blue Jasmine. I adore Cate Blanchett, and this looks like the perfect film for my first solo matinee.

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