Friday, August 2, 2013

On Champagne Granita, The Golden Girls & Facebook

{My new favorite summer dessert - homemade Strawberry, Citrus and Champagne Granita)
It was so lovely to have my friend Laura here last night. We bonded in college over a tequila-soaked summer of "study" abroad in Mexico and I hadn't seen her in forever because she's always off gallivanting/working in exotic lands. We enjoyed really good pizza from Luigi's and came back to drink/eat an entire pan of this oh-so-refreshing champagne granita - dangerously good. The best part of the night (besides the granita) was the chance to catch up on old memories, new adventures, and our feelings on the current state of things. In addition to a heated debate over which Golden Girl each of us are (Laura = Dorothy, Flavio = Sophia but wants to be Blanche, I am Rose), Flavio and Laura bonded over the fact that neither of them ever joined Facebook and never will. These two do not blog, pin, tweet, nor link-in, and they agree there is nothing "social" about social media. Interestingly, many of my closest friends/family are not on the FB, and I have stayed in touch with these non-social media folk via phone and email for years, without issue. So why/not Facebook? Flavio declares he is not on FB because he doesn't want to spend his free time on the internet - he'd much rather be outside, interacting with real people in real life. Laura simply said she doesn't need or want an online persona, and doesn't trust the digital footprint everyone is so carelessly building without regard to personal privacy or outside data collection. ...God, they are so cool. Of course, I felt like a sheeple, as I am one of the one billion earthlings on FB, and I love it! I enjoy seeing people's photos, hearing their life updates in real time, keeping in touch so easily, and I love the psychology of it all. Some people are way out of control on there, and it is fascinating to watch. What say you? To Facebook or not to Facebook? And more importantly, which Golden Girl are you?

Happy weekend. xo

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