Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Importance of Calm

Greetings from Vacation Land! More specifically, from Cafe Chloe, where I am sitting outside enjoying a latte, some excellent people-watching and maybe the best almond croissant of my life. Vacation Land has been an indulgently simple place to be these last couple days and this is so cheesy, but I've been having a blast hanging out! I am someone who likes to be around others and usually has a hard time being alone, but it's been wonderfully restorative to spend a little time quietly pampering myself, both physically and mentally. I've been up early to go to the gym, and instead of rushing out of the house to get to work on time like the mad woman I usually am, I've enjoyed extra long showers and leisurely morning walks with Guiri. Yesterday afternoon I ordered a slice from Bronx Pizza and snuck it in to my first solo matinee. Seeing a movie alone is totally enjoyable! I don't know what I was afraid of. The theatre was filled with blue-haired old ladies - not the least bit intimidating. And Blue Jasmine is dark and charming and Cate Blanchett is a-maz-ing and Oscar-worthy in it. I definitely recommend it. After, Guiri and I sat in the shade and watched butterflies flutter by, I drank wine on our porch, I ignored the internet, I made us a good dinner. It seems like I've spent the last couple days doing nothing, but really, I've been doing something: recharging.

I recently read this great post about finding the calm. It describes our human need to slow down, reflect, repair, and take care of ourselves so that we can we be our very best versions. Otherwise, our mental health, relationships, and professional lives suffer. In this crazy make! be! work! do! more! culture, it's important to schedule in downtime and to mindfully create space for stillness and introspection. On that note, I think I'll sit back, nurse my coffee and watch the world go by.


  1. Next time sneak in your favorite beverage. The movie watching experience will be even more enjoyable!


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