Friday, August 9, 2013

Celebration Sushi

Not to be like, "Oh, my husband is the best," but guys, he is ! Sorry to brag. He's not only the best husband, but he is such a freaking superstar at work. We learned yesterday that he was one of only four Southern California managers chosen to participate in a rising leadership training, which is a huge honor. The only bummer is that the training starts next week, and we're leaving for a week at my parents' tomorrow. So, he'll be driving from Vegas to Carlsbad for the training, then driving back to Vegas mid-next week. But, before all that, we needed to celebrate! When I asked him if he wanted to do drinks out, or a fun dessert, he said he just wanted sushi. So, sushi it was. We cruised on over for rolls last night and celebrated. Yay, Flavio!  And my lovely friend is getting married today, so we are headed off to her wedding soon. Yay, Liz! Celebration sushi indeed.

Have a wonderful weekend. xo

PS: I will be out of town next week, but I plan to keep posting because a) there's only so much to do at my parents', and b) I am embarrassingly into my blog.


  1. Congratulations to Flavio! Well deserved success!

  2. Woop Woop! Go Flava-Flav!


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