Monday, August 19, 2013

A slice of Peach (Cake) a day keeps the doctor away.

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For a person who's supposed to be on vacation, today was way too hectic. I have a masochistic habit of scheduling all my not-so-fun personal appointments (doctor/dental check-ups) on the same day in an effort to knock them all out at once, and I always regret it as I am running around town like a maniac. But, they're all done! And thankfully I am healthy as a horse, albeit 10 lbs. heavier than I was last year. :/  Woops.  I knew I had a long day of boring doctors' offices in front of me, so I started the morning doing my favorite AM zen activity, which happens to be exactly what the "oh!-you're-10-lbs-heavier" doctor did not order: baking this peach-blueberry cake. In my defense, I am not much of a cake person (cookies for the win) so Flavio, with his annoying muscle mass and lightning-speed metabolism, will probably eat most of this fruit-filled confection. And, I reduced the sugar considerably, because fresh fruit recipes do not need much. To add to my cake-eating defense, I went to the gym today. Furthermore, my fragrant and gorgeous farmers' market peaches and blueberries were just begging to be baked up. It is peach season, after all, and that must be celebrated accordingly dammit! So there, doctor.

I have made this summer cake for the past couple years and I love it because it looks impressive, but takes no more than 30 minutes to put together. It's sort of a cake-pie hybrid, with a crust that is reminiscent of shortbread, and the whole thing celebrates summer fruit beautifully. I confess: I might have had a wee bite tonight after dinner. And perhaps I'll have a sliver in the morning with my coffee. You know, all in the name of vacation, good health, and summer fruit. Tomorrow, I run.

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