Sunday, June 30, 2013


We're settling into summer around here and the weekend brought all the simple pleasures of the season. My senses are heightened this time of year and recently I've found myself more tuned in to and appreciative of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feel of summer. This time of year reminds me of being a not-a-care-in-the-world kid on summer vacation. Though I don't have the 3 months of unbridled freedom I had then, I realize the staples of summer (picnics, outdoor concerts, the beach, etc.) haven't changed much, and this weekend brought all that goodness.

TASTES - We made this shrimp and orzo salad, paired with chilled wine for dinner on Friday night. Accompanied by our show, of course.

SMELLS - The smell of Jasmine on our neighbors' fence on our Friday evening walk; baking blueberry crumb bars Saturday morning made the house smell like heaven.

SOUNDS - The Rolling Stones' music under the stars and fireworks at Summer Pops in Embarcadero Park. (I managed to get through the fireworks show without covering my ears or cringing. Probably because I was tipsy. Which is also the reason I didn't get a pic of them.)

FEEL - Warm evening breezes; the sand between my toes and the sunscreen on my nose at the beach with Guiri and Oslo and parents on Sunday evening.

SIGHTS - The look on Guiri's face every morning - happiest dog ever; sunset, boats floating by, the sparkly blue ocean, crowds of people enjoying outdoor music, San Diego is gorgeous.
{my sunshine}

{sunset, Summer Pops}

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