Sunday, June 2, 2013


I love putting together my "Weekending" posts. They've become my Sunday night ritual, and usually happen with a glass of wine. Writing these posts is a positive and relaxing way to head into the work week as they help me reflect on the little things that have made me happy.  But, there are so many moments and feelings that pass that I wish I could capture to share here; like the taste of chocolate-hazelnut coffee accompanied by this fascinating book in bed, snuggled next to warm Guiri on a lazy Saturday morning; some long-overdue girl talk, laughter and shopping with a dear friend on a beautiful Saturday afternoon; or the way our house smells like lemon comfort when I make Sunday Yogurt Cake. This weekend was filled with all those special moments, plus a few I did capture below. It's June! Let's make it a great first week.
{Saturday night fun with great friends. Cantina Mayahuel.}
{Sunday morning}
{Pretty flower spotted in our neighbors' yard}
{For some reason she's decided she loves being in our guest room. We find her in there quietly thinking.}


  1. I have to make this yogurt cake. Looks delicious!

    Your blog is so much fun!

    :-) KP

    1. Thanks so much! The cake is delicious. If you make it, let me know what you think. :)



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