Monday, June 17, 2013


Saturday was busy with work and errands and chores, but we soldiered through. We rewarded our efforts with a trip to Heights Tavern, which we'd been meaning to check out. The atmosphere is fun and their beer list is impressive, but prosaically, I stuck with their mules. I love that so many great bars are opening within walking distance to us. 

Sunday we made an improvised fritatta of mushroom, leek, parsley and goat cheese which turned out really well. We considered going out to brunch but decided standing on a sidewalk for an hour waiting for a table on Father's Day was not how we wanted to spend the morning. Standing in our sunny kitchen, listening to music in our jammies while drinking coffee and cooking was definitely the right move. Post frittata we went for an afternoon gelato. I had spumoni as an ice cream salute to my dad - his favorite. We finished our chilled out day with lots of lounging, a trip to the dog park and a simple but fantastically summery dinner at home (we made this easy fish recipe and I recommend it).

Alas, we never got to a movie as I'd blathered about on Friday. Flavio is not into Gatsby and there's nothing else either of us are dying to see right now. We're waiting for this Bonnie and Clyde-esque love story to hit theatres in August:

My parents come to visit tomorrow. I can't wait. I have tons to do today, hence the stream of consciousness style on this post. Back to it.

Happy Monday.
{jacaranda, June gloom}
{Heights Tavern}
{I love leeks}
{Sunday morning}
{spumoni salute, Gelato Verro}
{Sunday lounging}
{Sunday napping}

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