Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Fourth of July is approaching and the people who know me well know that I hate/am terrified of fireworks. Mainly, I'm afraid of the noise. But I think once you've seen one fireworks show, you've seen 'em all. Also, I hate how humans ohh and ahh at fireworks shows like mesmerized buffoons. The whole experience irks me. So last night, we were discussing plans for The 4th when Flavio mentioned (for the millionth time) how strange it is that I hate fireworks. He then told me it was just one of my many quirks, and pointed out some of my other idiosyncrasies. Me? Quirky? Here they are:

:: I don't really dry myself with a towel after a shower or bath. I air dry, leaving wet footprints and water drops on the floor from the bathroom to the bedroom.
:: I have an irrational fear of street performers. They're creepy and I will cross the street to avoid them.
:: I sometimes brush my teeth in the shower. It saves time!
:: I say crazy things if I'm awakened from a deep sleep.
:: I get really cranky when people sneeze loudly or repeatedly.
:: When I sleep, I MUST be covered with a blanket. Even if it's 100 degrees out.
:: I spill on myself and others regularly.
:: I nickname all my friends.

I think these things are endearing. :)

What are your quirks?


  1. Thanks for calling me a buffoon. And since you asked..

    I mentally correct bad spelling/ grammar/ punctuation as I read something.
    I even spot misspellings in published books.
    I refuse to have my pots and pans cleaned by the dishwashing machine. They should be cleaned by hand (it's more thorough, and I can make sure my good non-stick pans don't get scratched up).
    I almost always act in a contradictory way to whoever I'm interacting with (e.g. I'll be conservative and quiet around a loud outgoing person, or I'll be rowdy and tomboyish around someone really effeminate).
    When I'm walking down the street, I mentally point out people who I think I can beat in video games.
    Ever since I was a kid phone conversations freak me out. It has something to do with hearing a voice and not seeing the person.

    1. Yipes! I better step up my grammar game with this reader. :)

      You sound like a total non-buffoon. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Only a buffoon brushes their teeth in the shower. ;)

    As for my quirks, I wouldn't even know where to start.


    1. Wow, my buffoon comment really seemed to touch a nerve. Ha! xo


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