Monday, February 4, 2013


{Saturday space}
{cookies and clueless}
{the best Mexican tea - not just for digestion - a panacea, really}

We went out for sushi with my brother and nephew on Friday night. My brother Mark is one of my best friends and is hilarious, so it's always great to spend time with him. And my nephew is an adorable Smarty-Pants McGee. He told us all about how the digestive system works as we waited for our food. Your stomach is grumbling? Let me tell you why. :) Very fun!

Flavio had to work Saturday, so I spent the morning grading papers accompanied by lots of coffee,  Caifanes Radio on Pandora, pink tulips, and warm morning sun. I love blissfully quiet Saturday mornings in our house. Guiri naps while I enjoy the sunlight dance in front of our windows.

After hours of painful grading, I baked cookies and then started to feel feverish and achy. I decided it best to stay in PJs, binge-watch two girly movies I can never see with Flavio around: Bridget Jones and Clueless, and rest. It was one of those mornings where you realize you haven't uttered a word to anyone all day and it's 2pm. After an exhausting work week, quiet and solitude was just what I needed.

My parents came to visit on Saturday evening, and so did a full-on flu. All of a sudden, I was hit by a wave of fever, shivering, sweating and coughing. I went to bed, Flavio came home and tried to nurse me back to health, but I was just feeling awful. I was so bummed to miss dinner with my brothers and parents in Little Italy! The timing really sucked. I cried to Flavio and then knocked out in a NyQuil coma. 

Sunday wasn't much better health wise but I did drag myself out of bed for lunch with my parental units in Seaport Village. I probably wasn't a lot of fun, but they were, and it was just nice to spend time with them. While the rest of the fam went off to do a tour of San Diego, Flavio took me home and I went straight to bed while he watched the Super Bowl. I woke up to the bootylicious sounds of Beyonce at the half time show, Flavio mixed me up some hot toddy magic, and then I went back to bed. I always brag about how I "never get sick" so I think the gods have finally punished me for my hubris. This flu is no joke.

This post should include other notes -- about my dad's lymphoma, about how a cancer diagnosis, chemo and remission pingpong your emotions from sad to optimistic to angry to hopeful -- but this weekend my dad looked great and he delighted us all with his stories and teasing, and I was just joyful. The tough stuff for another post when I'm not hacking up a lung. I'm off to bed.

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