Friday, February 15, 2013

Hearts On a String

I should've been a kindergarten teacher. Or, maybe I just have the mentality of a kindergartner, but either way these hearts on a string were so easy and fun to make! Flavio came home from a work trip and I had the fireplace decorated with them.  [An aside: This was more for me than for him because let's be honest, guys don't care that much about Valentine's Day or crafts - but he pretended to love them, because he's wonderful.] The heart decor, Freixenet, good conversation, Indian take-out and my red velvet cupcakes made for an easy and romantic Valentine's indoor picnic.


{hearts on fireplace}
{Valentine mail - save the USPS!}
{little Valentiney surprises}
{Valentine made on PicMonkey}


  1. The cuteness is killing me!!! I love it all, especially the surprise fridge "I love you"!!!!


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