Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two Cookies for One

Homemade chocolate chip cookies are my all-time favorite treat. I'm a cookie person. Flavio's a cake person. So when I make a big batch of cookies, we usually end up giving most of them away lest I should eat them all. Until now...

Friends: The blogosphere has gifted us a recipe that makes JUST 2 CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. Perfection.

So I made them tonight and they were an easy dessert. Baking craving? Solved. Cookie craving? Indulged.

I sprinkle mine with a little sea before baking, which makes all the sweetness sing. 

NOTE: For the very best chocolate chip cookies in the whole wide world, which are a total pain and take 36 hours to make, see these. They are amazing. Cookie people will beg you for them.


  1. I would like a 36 hour cookie. U have my address. Thank you.

  2. Haha! Coco, make these! They're super easy.

  3. And I promise I'll make you and Calvie the 36 hour cookies soon. xo


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