Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Survival Tip: Bubble Baths

I am in the midst of a difficult semester and while I love many parts of my job, I come home most days feeling like a need a good glass of wine and a hot bath stat. The bubble bath is my meditation and my favorite evening indulgence. Here's my ritual:

Pour wine. Light candles. Dim lights. Grab book. Turn on faucet. Pour bubbles. Soak. Sip. Read. Think. Sugar scrub. Drain. Soft towel. Lotion. Jammies. Cozy socks. I am a new person.

Sometimes if I get home late, or I've had a rough day, Flavio will draw me a bath and bring me wine, which is so sweet. Heaven!

It's a spa treatment for my body and my spirit. Viva la bath!

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