Friday, February 7, 2014

Noted on a Friday

Today was dreary and cold and there was a lot of grumbling in the teachers' lounge (most Southern Californians do not do well in inclement weather). I find that it's oddly more common for people to complain about the things they dislike, than to take note of special moments throughout the day. We all have pet peeves, but do we have to verbalize them constantly? What if we all tried to focus on the things making us happy, and verbalize those? So I'm starting a new thing on the blog. Each week, on Friday (when I'm typically tired and tense), I'm going to note some of the things that made me happiest during the week. I think this will be a fun exercise in gratitude, and start the weekend off on a positive note.

Here a few things that made my week...

Today's barely-there rainbow brightened my winter morning.

Guiri and Anya love the park, even in the rain
{photo by Michael}

Chocolate chip cookies in progress. Enough said.

PS: 10 of my favorite little things, noted

PPS: 24 hours of no complaining

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