Friday, February 28, 2014

Noted on a Friday

I've been playing catch up all week. We were at my parentals' until late Sunday, which meant we didn't get any grocery shopping, laundry, grading (on my end), cooking, etc. done over the weekend so I spent the weeknights attending to our standard weekend chores. Point being, I meant to get on here sooner but didn't manage it.

We've had a rainy couple days and I'm thrilled we're supposed to have a stormy weekend ahead. I've done my best to stock the house with provisions so we barely have to leave. Firewood ready, soup on the stove, breakfast goodies in the fridge, and movies cued. I plan to venture out solely to see Nebraska - one of the few best picture nominees we haven't seen - and then we'll be in Sunday watching the Oscars. This is slightly insane, but I love to dress up in my comfiest pajamas and put on sparkly jewelry for my own little Jammies & Gemstones Oscars viewing party (we used to do this in college). Champagne will flow.

PS: Loved this infographic - Every best actress gown since 1929.

Here a few little things that made my week...

Listening to the rain in bed. My favorite way to wake up.

Coming home to these two about to go on a mid-week walk. Guiri loooves walking in her backpack.

5:30 AM Workouts with my favorite trainer.

This tea. For helping me get through many a sugar craving this week. 

Currently wearing: These socks and leggings, and a ton of Guiri's fur. Perfect outfit for cuddling a shedding pooch on this rainy Friday.

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