Sunday, October 20, 2013


We lived it up this weekend. On Friday night my friend rented out an Italian restaurant in La Jolla for her fabulously over-the-top birthday party, complete with bottomless bubbly, dinner, and dancing. Flavio and I reintroduced a whole lot of delicious booze, bread, cheese, and cake into our diet and had a blast celebrating Kelly. It was nice to be up in gorgeous La Jolla for the evening - full moon, ocean breezes, and lots of 80s music!

Saturday morning I baked this pumpkin bread - it's been almost 80 degrees here so I'm trying to coax fall with seasonally appropriate foods. We spent the afternoon with my friend Katie and her dog in Coronado, and Katie took the sweetest photo of Flavio and me. Check it out!

Such a tender moment - a total framer. She also took a couple more, including one that I think will be perfect for Christmas cards. So thrilled, and impressed by her talent. Thanks, Katie! If you need a photographer, she will work for pumpkin bread. ;) We all had a blast, including the pups.

Saturday evening our friends hosted a dinner party that included Jager Spice shots and hookah by their bonfire. We agreed we are far too old for Jager, but it was fun to relive our college days. Lots of laughs, and great night.

Today we made brunch, and did some paleo cooking for the week, errands, etc. This evening we spent some time trying to get into The Walking Dead.  People, I don't know what the fuss is about. The acting is terrible and the storyline sucks. Halfway through the first episode I started writing this post and spotted Flavio playing on his phone. Needless to say, we turned it off and now we're watching the new season of Parenthood. I know people think Parenthood jumped the shark, but I still love the Bravermans.

We packed so much fun into this weekend and I'm not ready for it to end. I'm teaching an 8-week intensive Soc. class with 45 students and it starts tomorrow.  Overall, the next 2 months will be a very busy time at work (seven classes + co-advising the Sociology Club) and I'm feeling anxious tonight. I'm trying to do some deep breathing, and sipping chamomile tea. December 20 isn't that far off, right? It's one day at a time, I guess.

Looking over these other weekend pics is making me happy...

{Kelly is 30)
{Tanina's ricotta-lemon cream puffs}
{Coronado - by Katie}

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