Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday + Fun Links

How is it already Friday?!  I feel like this sleepy cat and wish I could just nap in the sun right now...

This week has been good, busy, rainy, and sunny all in one. I've missed being on my blog, but haven't felt particularly inspired lately. Inspiration comes in waves, I guess. I have, however, been enjoying other people's contributions to the internets, and bookmarked a few links to share here today, in case you're in a web-surfing mood. I hope you have a most relaxing weekend. :)

:: The sweetest apple butter gifts - I might copy her packaging exactly.

:: 8 things every happy woman should have.

:: Dying to bake again (5 more days of our paleo challenge!!) and I need to make this bread asap.

:: Dying to drink again (I promise I don't have a problem!!) and I need The Spiced Pear in my life stat.

:: Can you read people's emotions?  I got 32/36, thankyouverymuch!

:: Thinking of buying this bar cart.

:: How to say no. (Fascinating study!)

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