Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Early Bird

{sunrise sky}

In my old age, I'm starting to realize there is something wonderful about being up early. For most of my life I've been a night owl and always scowled at those bright eyed and bushy tailed morning folk. But to my complete shock, I'm becoming one of them. Most mornings we're up at 5AM to work out. [Who am I?!] There are stars in the sky when we leave for the gym. We do our morning run and the streets are empty and quiet and the air is crisp. By the time our workout is over, the daylight is just peeking through and we drive home under hypercolor sunrise skies, chatting about the day ahead. At home, we blast Pandora, shower, linger over coffee, walk Guiri, and by the time I get to my 8AM classes, my head is clear and my body is awake. The wee small hours of the morning feel like stolen time. I'm glad to finally be discovering them.

PS: The one thing successful people do every morning

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