Friday, October 4, 2013

Pets in Plaster

My classes are in what I call The Golden Period. Each semester there are 2 or 3 weeks, about a month into classes, where you can see that the students (and instructors) are really enjoying the learning environment - friendships have formed, midterms are still a ways away, students are understanding and applying the concepts, burnout is far off, and things feel abuzz with learning and curiosity. It's been busy, but overall exciting and I feel lucky to say I really love my job. One of my brightest students was absent earlier this week and when I asked her why she told me she was out because her dog got hit by a car and is now in a cast. A cast? I'd never heard of putting pets in casts - is that weird? But, of course pets need casts! That makes sense. While I was sorry to hear about her dog (who is expected to fully recover, by the way), the whole idea of pets in plaster made me curious. If Guiri were ever in a cast (knock on wood she's not!), I'd bedazzle that thing up with art and stickers and lots of colorful get well soon! wishes. I did some research and indeed, Animals with Casts is a Tumblr. While it's sad to see pets injured, I am happy in knowing their owners are getting them the care they need. Aren't these babies pitiful and sweet and heartbreakingly adorable? I just want to squeeze them.

I hope you have a wonderfully healing weekend.

You can see more cuteness here.

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