Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Last fall, Flavio and I found ourselves eating out a lot. Once the semester gets going, things get distracted and rushed and we realized we were in a rut where we were dining to-go more often than not. We decided to give ourselves a challenge: for the month of October we would not eat out - not even once. ONLY homemade meals. And guess what? We had a blast. We found ourselves trying new wines, getting creative with recipes, cooking together after work, and mostly being mindful of our meals and our money. 

This year we're on our paleo challenge (more than half way through now, by the way) and because of the dietary restrictions on said challenge, we're not really able to eat out anyway. We debated not doing Octoberfeast this year (the paleo challenge has been tough and we're feeling a little challenged-out), but when we remembered how doable and enjoyable it was, we decided to go for it. So! The 2nd Annual Octoberfeast is on! All homemade, all the time. No eating out until October 31 (except for a friend's birthday party on October 18).

Below are a few photos from 2012's 1st Annual Octoberfeast. There were plenty of nights with boring scrambled eggs, but these were some of our livelier dinners.

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