Sunday, September 8, 2013


This weekend came and went in a flash - sort of dragging myself into the work week here - but despite its brevity, we enjoyed ourselves. Saturday we both worked but before heading in, we stopped for heavenly coffee at Calabria. I've been thinking about giving up coffee lately... As mentioned, my acupuncturist says the caffeine contributes to my anxiety, and I know it's probably worth trying, but when I see a mug o' heaven in front of me like the one below, well...I'm weak. And what would I pair with my Sunday morning baked goods? I realize I could switch to decaf, but I'm stubborn and have convinced myself it's just not the same.  We'll see - I've been more nervous than usual lately and wonder if my upswing in coffee consumption is to blame. I should probably make a change, or at least cut back. At some point.
{love in a mug, Calabria}
Saturday evening we scrounged up some appetizers, mixed up some drinks, and set up shop on our porch. Flavio then picked up Greek salads and we chilled out at home with stand-up comedy on Netflix. People, Bill Burr is hilarious and twisted. His stuff has us cracking up!
{hummus and drinks}
Sunday morning I baked this strawberry-buttermilk skillet cake to go with more coffee and Guiri and I spent the day lounging and napping. I read magazines while Flavio watched hours of football. This Onion article rings true for our family this time of year; farewell, Flav. This evening we went to the dog park, grilled some burgers, and now we're watching Sideways as our laundry spins in the next room.
{strawberries, sunny morning}
{skillet cake, cooling}
{Sunday morning}
{Sunday afternoon}
I wish it was a three day weekend. For the love of god, I just need one. more. day. off.  I'd like to make a suggestion: 10-hour work days, 4 days a week. Who's with me?

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