Tuesday, September 17, 2013


On Sunday we went to a super fun picnic at Mission Bay and while there, something struck me as totally taboo. A friend-of-a-friend, six months pregnant, was drinking a can of beer. As the day went on, she chased the beer with multiple cans of soda. When someone gave her a hard time about the beer she jokingly said, "Shut up! Don't judge me!" Flavio and I were definitely judging. I know having a little alcohol or soda while pregnant is not the end of the world for the health of the baby, but why do it? It's 9 months of your life - why not be the healthiest you can be for your unborn child's sake? It struck me as selfish and sort of upsetting.

Update: Sept. 23 - I just heard this story on NPR. Studies show experiences in the womb affect a child's longterm health. Mothers, your lifestyle and nutritional choices matter. 

I try not to be a Judgy McJudger, but here are a few other things I find taboo:

Kissing family members on the mouth. We do NOT do this in my family and I find it sort of horrifying. Maaaaybe ok to kiss babies on the mouth, but not adult-to-adult family members. Ever.

Keeping reading material in the bathroom. It weirds me out when we go to someone's house and there is a book or a stack of magazines in the bathroom. I mean, how much time are you spending in there? I think it's strange and I'd never want to touch another person's bathroom reading material - Eww! Flavio thinks I'm nuts.

Making out in public. Maybe I'm prudish, but a kiss or a loving embrace in public is fine but there should be absolutely no tongue, no groping, no long make-out sessions in public! So creepy. I find overt PDAs especially upsetting when the couple is post-teen years.

Hope I haven't offended you, dear reader! :/ Different strokes for different folks. :)
{Best party game EVER.)


  1. Good post. I totally agree with you.


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