Friday, September 13, 2013


Guys, it's been one of those weeks. Poor Flavio has a jerktown cold and his coughing and nose-blowing has kept us up most nights. My college dean did an in-class teaching observation/evaluation of me this morning which had me in a panic, and I was prepping furiously all week (I think it was fine in the end). In general, my new schedule is kicking my butt.  I am exhausted. I wanted to come on here with something fun and inspired, but I just can't summon it. Our house is messy and each evening I've come home from work with the intention of cooking something good and tidying up, but then decide to hide in our unmade bed and eat boxed mac and cheese instead. Things feel a little out of whack. T.G.I.F. (!!!!)

True to form, I'm making soup. It calms me. This lemony Greek chicken soup (Avgolemeno) takes about 15 minutes to pull together and is a major step up from mac and cheese. It's the perfect soup for this seasonal limbo - sorta feels like fall, sorta tastes like summer - and will be comforting to the nastiest of head colds and the tiredest of wives.

I'm off to pour a giant glass of wine and eat soup. I'll be back soon, hopefully recharged.

Happy weekend. xo

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