Sunday, December 22, 2013


The weekend: merry and bright.

I've been starting every morning (and afternoon) with a cup of my favorite holiday tea.

And tea must be followed up with a leftover cookie...or three.

Friday, Flav became a US citizen! I wasn't able to attend his swearing-in ceremony because I was giving my last final, but such a momentous occasion couldn't go by without proper celebration.

So we went out for pickle marys and Saturday morning brunch at my new favorite spot, Great Maple.
{I love a giant pickle!}
Guiri was showered in gifts this weekend by her uncles, and she always buries her most prized possessions. We caught her hiding her bone under the Christmas tree. Silly goose.
{the ornament on her head makes her look like a behatted Christmas elf}
We went to a couple of great holiday parties, including a white elephant (we won movie tickets - woot!), and a Christmas Soups party on Saturday, where the hosts made 12 different kinds of delicious soup - how fun is that?!
{white elephant}
Saturday night our friends treated us to Holiday Pops at the San Diego Symphony. It was a magical night filled with sounds of the season, including an all-audience carol sing-along (I brought the house down with my vocal contributions) and a snow finale!!! New Year's resolution: attend more cultural happenings. My favorite song of the night was "Somewhere in My Memory" - the song from Home Alone. Sung by the San Diego childrens' choir, it gave me chills. I love the lyrics: "Precious moments, special people, happy faces, Christmas joys all around me...feeling that gingerbread feeling." It pretty much sums up this weekend.
We're off to the dog park and then for a hot chocolated drive around Christmas Circle to see the lights. Gingerbread feeling, indeed.

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