Friday, December 20, 2013

Angel Thumbprints

Angel thumbprints remind me of childhood. They are my family's signature Christmas cookie and I have sweet memories of punching my little thumb into the dough and helping fill the presses with multicolored jams and chocolate bits. Yesterday, as I listened to the rain fall, I baked a big batch to give as gifts and as I rolled, thumbprinted, and filled, I couldn't help but get a little reflective about 2013. I found myself appreciative of a good year  - a year that in 2012, I was sure would bring the accompanying bad luck of the ominous number thirteen. For now, 2014 looks like it might be a year of change. Flavio started a new position and became a US citizen today (go Flav!), we have a new (to us) car, we've met some great friends recently, and I have a new hard drive ;). In the meantime, I'm looking forward to a weekend filled with the last round of holiday parties, a bluegrass concert at the Symphony, gift wrapping, avoiding the mall at all costs (!), and the general celebration of the fact that I am now.......officially. on. winter. VACATION!!!!!!

Have an amazing weekend! xo

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