Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weekending, quickly

I am awash in work this week but wanted to pop by and make some quick notes about my weekend before the details get drowned out by Soc. Theory paper-grading (eek!).

Friday night we watched We're the Millers at home - funny! We were supposed to go to a holiday party but at the last minute decided we couldn't rally the energy, ordered Burger Lounge to-go, slapped on our jammies and lounged on the couch. We've been going non-stop and needed a night in to be together and laugh.  I always feel so guilty when we skip parties but this was the right choice.

Saturday morning I baked, went for brunch and Christmas shopping with my ladies (can you believe Christmas is in a week?!), and then Flavio and I went out to dinner for his birthday. Flavio is birthday shy - he doesn't like the attention - and almost never wants to do anything because December is such a hectic time of year, anyway. But if anyone deserves a celebration it's Flavio, so I surprised him with a mellow evening: dinner at The Smoking Goat (excellent food, shaky service), followed by a night cap, presents, and his favorite chocolate cupcakes. I think it was just right.

Sunday we dog parked and Flav watched football while I finished Afterwards (if you like mystery/thrillers with awesome plot twists, you will love this book!). Later we had friends over for what I hope will become an annual event: Reindeer Games Night. Holiday punch bowl, Christmas tunes, appetizers, pizza, and treats, accompanied by the hilariously horrible Cards Against Humanity. I won! Super fun evening with wonderful/disturbed friends.

I took zero photos this weekend, so I am stealing this one from my friend Michael:
{Reindeer Games Night 2013}

Glad I took a little break to write this rambly post. Soc. theory is dark and heavy. My blog is where I keep it light. More soon. xo

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