Wednesday, December 11, 2013

On Hard Drives and Kindness

Sorry for the radio silence around here. Besides a terribly busy week, my laptop's hard drive crashed! I'd been getting the rainbow wheel lately, and ignored it, and then yesterday I got the dreaded blue screen of death! When I took it to the Apple Store, they ran diagnostic tests and about 5 employees asked me if I'd backed up my files. Backed up? Nope. No backing up over here. My external hard drive died a few years ago and I never bothered replacing it. The whole scene reminded me of this Sex and the City episode:

When they told me none of my data was recoverable, I started crying in the middle of the mall's packed Apple Store. Yep. Private tears in public spaces. Mortifying. I know it's not the end of the world, but I've been so tired that my coping skills are way down, and the result was a breakdown when I realized that all my precious photos and years of files are gone forever. Poof.

Thankfully, the woman helping me was a saint. She squeezed my hand, telling me this happened to her once, and to take it as a lesson learned, it sucks, but it's okay. She helped me see the positives: a brand new hard drive for a brand new year, getting the newest operating system, I'm still under their extended warranty (thank god!), and no more worries after today. She took AppleCare to a whole new level. It was a tender moment and a small gesture, but her kindness means so much. Surrounded by stone-faced holiday shoppers, bustle, and sleek machinery, she was a quiet example of good will and the true spirit of the season.

Friends, back up your hard drives and be soft with others.


  1. Sorry about your hard drive. You should've used it as an excuse to switch to Windows. Just sayin.

    1. No way! Once you go Mac you never go back. :p


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