Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekending, Memorial Day

{La Jolla sunset}
This weekend was all about simple pleasures.

A mani/pedi and a cheeky trip to Anthro Saturday to celebrate my belated half birthday. Date night at Polite Provisions (first time there and we loved it!), and then drinks and more drinks and lots of dancing at a summer kick-off party at our gym. They had an alcoholic snow cone machine and things got very festive.

Sunday morning we were hungover and tired so we slept in and snuggled, watching a whole lot of Mad Men (we're obsessed). When we finally emerged from the couch and our hangover, I made my favorite cheesecake, Flavio BBQ'd and we had a couple friends over for a little hair of the dog, plus dinner, board games and lots of laughs. Happy to report Flavio and I remain reigning champions of Taboo. Woot!

Monday morning we took you-know-who to the beach, then enjoyed an afternoon nap. We had big plans to cruise up to La Jolla for a sunset picnic by the sea, but as May in San Diego does, the evening quickly turned grey and chilly. We'll have to wait till July/August for San Diego's May grey/June gloom to clear up at the beaches. (Photo of La Jolla above from late last summer.) We ended up making dinner at home, which was lovely just the same.

The summer season is upon us, friends. :)

{Overexposed cellphone photo, with a Negroni}
{Haven't killed her yet. Lily is actually sprouting!}
{cheese, marg spread}
 {mascarpone cheesecake}
{Fiesta Island, Memorial Day}

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