Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pity Party - May 1 - You're Invited

So, it's May 1st. On April 1st I promised to return today with tales of inches melted and pounds lost after a month of paleo eating, CrossFit, and general self-improvement. If you've been following along, you know that paleo eating never really caught on in April. Paleo-faileo - carbs for the win. I cordially invited you to today's pity party, thrown by me, in honor of me, to discuss the following bad thoughts from April:

:: Using work stress as an excuse to drink every night.

:: Telling yourself time (not diet and exercise) will make your ass smaller.

:: Telling yourself your body needs an extra hour of sleep more than it needs CrossFit at 5:30am.

:: Telling yourself that your husband is eating pizza, and it would be rude to let him eat it alone.

:: Telling yourself that gaining weight this month must mean you've gained muscle. (Highly unlikely.)

Not meeting goals makes me feel really blue. This morning I did my measurements and weighed myself and then the train was parked in Mopetown, USA. I'll spare you the measurement and scale details, but I did actually gain weight this month. Woops.

Serendipitously though, I am currently reading French Women Don't Get Fat {Damn those carb eating Frenchies and their hot bods! See photo above.} Have you read it? I love it. In it, the French, baguette-eating author shares their skinny secrets and writes:

"French women do stray [from keeping a balance in their lifestyle], but they always come back, believing there are only detours and no dead ends."

So I may have had a detour this month.  The train took many a trip to Carbville, parked in Bluestown today, but is now back on its way to Healthifornia, USA.

As the French seem to know, self improvement is a journey, not a destination, and I'm looking forward to continuing CrossFit, eating better and staying on track going forward. I can honestly say that although I wasn't as healthy as I could have been, I feel better today than I did April 1.

Pity party cancelled. But the fit-y party is on!

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