Friday, May 9, 2014

Noted on a Friday

I'm so happy it's Friday! For some reason it felt like Thursday every day this week, which made Monday through Wednesday particularly grueling. What are you up to this weekend? We're going on a date tonight, I'm meeting up with some girlfriends for a drink, and we'll be treating my mother-in-law to Mother's Day brunch, but other than that, just chilling out. I'm realizing the perfect weekend for me means having a few concrete plans nailed down, alongside time reserved for doing absolutely nothing (i.e., camping out in front of the TV, baking, etc.). Ahh, balance. I have a good feeling about this weekend and hope you have a great one. xo

Some fun from this past week...

A trip to Donut Bar to try their famed strawberry split. Verdict: my strawberry shortcake is better. ;)

Celebrating my mom's birthday and early Mother's Day with her favorite coconut and key lime cake.

A Padres game with my padres - great seats and even better company.

Coming home to this smiling face always makes me happy.

Lucky to live in this gorgeous city.

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